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Emergency Plumbing Toronto



Are you experiencing dampness in your basement, cracks in your foundation or leaks in a metal roof? Are you looking for commercial or industrial waterproofing options? King Rooter Plumbing offers waterproofing services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Whether you are looking to meet building requirements for a new build, waterproof a metal roof, or to provide moisture control in your basement, we have a solution for you.

King Rooter waterproofing services combine the right materials that act together to prevent water infiltration through the Building Envelope. Our water proofing services protect your projects from the damage caused by water infiltration.

We at King Rooter, with the team of most experienced and licensed plumbers across Toronto are available round the clock to provide any kind of emergency plumbing services in North York. Our expert plumbers serve both commercial and residential customers who are facing a variety of emergency plumbing problems. Our service provider will arrive at your problem and will provide a thorough diagnosis and a permanent solution.

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